Common Symptoms Of Cushingsdisease In Dogs

Good health is a very important thing in the every person. In fact, good health has been identified as the most important thing in the world. This is simply because with good health, you are able to  live a more productive way. With all the money that you could have, there are chances that you can be disturbed by a simple migraine. This case is not unique to human only. It is also similar to other animals. Other animals are known to be affected by diseases which affect their productivity. Many Americans are keeping dogs either for security purposes or as pets. Dogs are known to be affected by some diseases such as cushingsdisease. Cushingsdisease is usually a disease such as cancer which leads to the growth of a tumor. However, while cancer can happen at any part of the body, it is a fact that cushings disease happens at the pituitary glands. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the common signs and symptoms of the disease are identified. Some of these symptoms are:

Loss of weight

When the dog has cushingsdisease, its appetite is very much affected. As a result, the dog eats very little food. Therefore, it is a fact that the weight of the dog will definitely reduce as a result of the lack of appetite. Therefore, it is important to ensure that when weight loss is detected in dogs and horses, a good vet officer is contacted to come and diagnose the disease.

Urinating excessively

The second thing that is commonly seen is that of excessive urinating and uptake of water. In many cases, the dog will be seen to drink a lot of water that is not its normal case. When this is usually seen, it is usually a signal that it has cushingsdisease.

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